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Payment at SCARDU It has become one of the most preferred options for Arab players. Because these prepaid cards ensure a safe option for deposits at a large number of Arab online casinos. Besides an instant deposit and a high standard of confidentiality. This way, they can start gambling sessions while they are more focused on fun and making earnings.

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If you are a fan of SCARDU prepaid cards, and you are a fan of gambling at Arab online casinos such as the trusted Betfinal Casino. You will find everything you need to know about this safe payment option. Starting from introducing SCARDU and the most prominent Arab casinos that accept it. As well, you will know more about how to use SCARDU and its features.

What is SCARDU Card?

SCARDU is a modern prepaid card first issued in 2021 by a leading financial solutions provider. It is a prepaid card. With multiple categories starting from $10 and more. SCARDU cards are sold at outlets and retailers. To obtain a SCARDU card, you will not have to sign up for any account, or provide any personal information.

Arab players at SCARDU Casinos enjoy a highly secure and discreet payment method. You can use SCARDU to pay at any online Arab casino. Or for internet shopping. Once the card fees are paid at the point of sale, you can use it immediately to deposit at Arab casinos. The deposit amount is transferred instantly to enjoy a fun gambling session.

When using SCARDU for payments at Arab online casinos. You ensure a safe and private transaction. You will not have to provide any information about other payment methods you have. No service fees will be deducted. The fees are paid in advance when you first bought the card.

Once the balance you deposited at SCARDU Online Casino runs out, you will not be able to continue playing. Therefore, you can control your desires to continue playing. This way, we protect you from losing when you are unsuccessful in playing. When you buy a new SCARDU card, you can resume playing to make more earnings.

When paying using SCARDU at Arab online casinos, hackers cannot track your money, or scam you. Once you deposit the money, it is done. It is very important that you do not share the card PIN with any third party, before using it to deposit money. However, SCARDU prepaid vouchers can be purchased at any currency available, including cryptocurrencies. This is to make it easier for gamblers at Arab online casinos

Steps to make a deposit using SCARDU at Arab online casinos

Your deposit at SCARDU Online Casino will be made instantly. It does not take many steps, or much effort to start playing and earning money. As long as you use SCARDU you can buy a card funded with the amount of money you wish to use to play. Then, choose one of the trusted Arab online casinos at our website. You then have to follow the steps to sign up for a new account. Then just follow the following steps:

  • Go to Cashier page at SCARDU Online Casino.
  • Click on “Pay money”.
  • A list will appear of the accepted payment methods. Click on SCARDU at the prepaid cards section.
  • Enter your card’s PIN code at the designated field and confirm payment.

Your deposit at SCARDU Online Casino will be made instantly.

Steps to withdraw profits to SCARDU from Arab Casinos

Unfortunately, SCARDU Casinos do not support earnings withdrawals. Its system does not allow it to. It is just a card that may be used to make payments at Arab online casinos. Or for internet shopping.

Therefore, if you are lucky to make earnings at SCARDU Online Casino. You will have to select another method, other than SCARDU Card, to withdraw your earnings. For example, MuchBetter E-Wallet, or gambling at PaySafe Cards Casinos

The best SCARDU Online Casinos for Arab players

Paying with SCARDU at Arab online casinos is still at its early stages. It is still a modern electronic payment method that has been out there for less than one year. However, it has spread widely, and is expected to top the list of the best payment methods anytime soon, for its great features when using it to make deposits.

If you are passionate about gambling at any SCARDU Online Casino, we recommend you to read the review of 888 casino, which is one of the most reliable and trusted casinos for Arab players.

You will also find the best Arab SCARDU Casinos that support SCARDU vouchers at our website. You may choose the one that offers you the best features and services

RankCasinoBonus OfferNumber of GamesPayment SpeedWin RatePlay Now
#1BetObet casino3000 $700+1 – 2 days98%Play Now
#2Betfinal500 $300+According to the payment method97%Play Now
#3YYY casino500 $500+1 – 5 days96.5%Play Now

Advantages of paying with SCARDU at Arab online casinos

SCARDU Online Casinos has been popular among Arab players, since these distinctive cards were first introduced to the electronic payment options. It provided them with all the advantages that makes the gambling sessions smooth and safe while playing Roulette Online among a wide range of games. It has many advantages such as

✅ A flexible payment method with multiple categories starting from $10

✅ Instant payout method

✅ Secure deposits

✅ A payment method that accepts a wide range of currencies

✅ A financial transaction tool that supports responsible gambling

Disadvantages of paying with SCARDU at Arab online casinos

While SCARDU Online Casino provide a highly efficient and secure payment method, it still has some disadvantages. Arab players must be aware of those drawbacks to use SCARDU efficiently. Some disadvantages are listed below:

❌ SCARDU is accepted by a very limited number of Arab casinos so far

❌ It cannot be used to withdraw earnings

❌ The card expires in one year

❌ If the SCARDU Voucher Code is not secured, your money might be stolen. If you would like to avoid those drawbacks, you might use Skrill E-Wallet at Online Casinos.

Arab countries that accept SCARDU

Players from Arab countries can have fun betting and gambling at SCARDU Online Casino. This is simply because any Arab player can sign up for a new account at SCARDU website and buy unlimited number of cards to use for payments at any SCARDU Online Casino. For a safe and secure gambling experience. Arab countries that support SCARDU:

Saudi Arabia: Players from Saudi Arabia can play at SCARDU Casino. They can get SCARDU card easily and use it to pay securely for playing and gambling.

Qatar: SCARDU Casino is the best casino for players from Qatar. They can make deposits easily and securely via a secure and available payment method. To spend more time playing, having fun and making earnings.

Kuwait; Players from Kuwait can buy a SCARDU Card to use it for payments at SCARDU Casino. To have a safe and enjoyable gambling session while making payments instantly.

Jordan: Players from Jordan will have no problems getting a SCARDU prepaid card. It is available in Jordan and can be used to pay and play at many SCARDU Online Casinos.

United Arab Emirates: Players from the UAE can easily get a SCARDU prepaid card. They can sign up for a new account on the website, then buy the card and use it to pay at SCARDU Gambling Websites that offer the services they require.

Egypt: Egyptians are also lucky to be able to buy SCARDU cards to play their favorite gambling games they prefer at multiple famous online casinos we recommend, allowing them to enjoy a safe and enjoyable gambling sessions with great opportunities to win

SCARDU Card security and privacy features

SCARDU prepaid cards are distinct with high standards of security and privacy. SCARDU is a voucher you can buy only from outlets authorized by the company. You do not have to provide any bank account or credit card information. This helps protect your money you have in other payment methods.

You can also obtain a SCARDU card immediately after paying for it, without the need to sign up for a new account, or otherwise. This guarantees your privacy with a safe and secure payment option. Each voucher comes with a unique PIN code. It cannot be guessed by intruders, ensuring more security. You can also pay securely with American Express Cards at online casinos as an alternative payment option.

Otherwise, when paying with SCARDU at Arab online casinos, you do not have to provide any information about other payment methods. SCARDU card is valid for one year.

How we evaluate the financial transactions methods accepted by Arab casinos?

Arab casinos support multiple payment methods, which guarantees Arab players swift, secured and discreet payments and withdrawals. Not all payment methods feature the same level of efficiency, or security, or advantages. We evaluate the methods of financial transactions according to some specifications and standards, including:

  1. Does it support payments and withdrawals, or only payments? The payment option that supports both transactions is given a better rank.
  2. The extent of its ability to secure players’ money and protect their privacy.
  3. Fees and charges.
  4. Reliability of the issuing company.
  5. Is it supported by multiple Arab casinos?
  6. Its customer Service.
  7. Currencies Supported.

Why would you use SCARDU at online casinos?

Arab players at SCARDU casinos found a payment method that fulfills their needs. It has many advantages that are not available in other payment options that have been there for years. The main reasons why they use it to pay at casinos in Saudi Arabia are:

  1. It enables you to make a deposit at SCARDU casino
  2. Ability to secure money online.
  3. Relatively easy to obtain.
  4. It is easy to use it to pay at SCARDU casino.
  5. Low cost.

You can buy SCARDU card in any available currency.

FAQ about using SCARDU to pay at Arab online casinos

If you are passionate about knowing more about using SCARDU Vouchers to pay at Arab Online Casinos. Please check the following:

Where can I buy SCARDU vouchers?

There are hundreds of sales outlets and retailers where you can buy a SCARDU voucher. You can check the official website to find out more about outlets and retailers.

Who can buy SCARDU cards?

Anyone can buy SCARDU vouchers from their outlets.

Are SCARDU cards accepted at all Arab online casinos?

No. It is still a modern electronic payment method that has been out there for less than one year. This is why it has only been accepted by a few Arab casinos.

I made some earnings gambling at some Arab Casino; can I withdraw them using SCARDU?

Unfortunately, not. SCARDU vouchers do not support earnings withdrawal.

How often could I use SCARDU Voucher at the casino?

As long as the card is funded, you can use it to pay many times for one year.

Does the casino offer a welcome bonus to players when they make their first deposit using SCARDU?

Yes. The casino offers a welcome bonus to new cards users, as well as users of other options.

Could the funds in the SCARDU voucher be defrauded?

Despite the high security standards it follows, in the event the PIN code is revealed to a third party, your money might be stolen.

Eventually; Payments at SCARDU online casino for gambling is an instantaneous process with high standards of security and privacy. It is easy to use; once you type the PIN code on the payment page, the deposit process is done safely and confidentially. This allows you to get casino bonuses to boost your earnings and your chances for more fun and profit.

If you are a fan of gambling at SCARDU Casino. Choose one of the casinos listed on our website, sign up for a new account and make a deposit using a SCARDU voucher. SCARDU vouchers are available with multiple categories starting from $10 up to $100. You will receive a welcome bonus and doubled credit for a gambling session that meets your ambitions of excitement while enjoying hundreds of high-quality casino games!