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Online roulette is a popular table game created for players looking for simplicity, decent payouts and diverse bet options. This classic table game is a mainstay at most online casino sites, and comes in different variants.

To enjoy the ultimate online roulette experience, Arab players must play in the best online casinos. This guide will help you identify the Best Arabic Online Casinos and share our tried and tested roulette strategies and tips.

What is online Roulette?

Roulette is an exciting online casino game that allows players to win big while spinning the wheel. Gamers only need to bet on the outcome of the number or section of the wheel where the ball will stop.

That said, real money roulette originated in France in the 18th century when Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician, tried to invent the perpetual motion machine. Later, the game was reinvented by gambling enthusiasts to create the single-zero and double-zero versions.

Speaking of roulette types, Arab players can access the online version of this game in a few different variations. The most popular versions are American Roulette and European Roulette. You can also play French Roulette, which is undoubtedly the friendliest genre of the game and Mini Roulette. We’ll discuss the differences in detail later in this guidepost.

Below are some top reasons to play real money roulette online:

  • Simplicity: Roulette is one of the most straightforward gambling games to play. The game is played on a table with a wheel that has numbered pockets coloured red or black. The objective is simple; correctly predict the number or colour where the ball will land on after the wheel is spun.
  • Betting variety: A typical roulette table has two main types of bets: inside and outside bets. These wagers are divided into smaller groups, each with a different payout.
  • Games of chance: Unlike skill games like blackjack and poker, roulette outcomes are 100% random. This makes it perfect for beginners, as you don’t risk getting whitewashed by experienced players.
  • Numerous variations: Online Roulette has many variations to fit all playing styles. As said before, you can play the American, European, French, and Mini versions.

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Quick Tips: How to Win at Roulette

Roulette outcomes are entirely random regardless of which version of the game you play. But that doesn’t mean you should play Roulette without a working strategy. So, without further ado, let’s discuss some roulette strategies and tips to improve your winning chances:

Play on the European/French Wheel

European/French Roulette should be your go-to choice because they offer players better odds of winning than American Roulette. These games only have a single green zero pocket on the wheel, meaning the house edge is lower than when playing on the American wheel with an additional double-zero pocket. Thanks to En Prison and La Partage rules, the French version offers even better odds.

Play the Outside Bets

Outside bets are wagers placed on large groups of numbers in a roulette game. These bets are usually played outside the betting board. For example, players can predict the roulette ball to stop on red/black, odd/even, or high/low numbers. The thing is that these bets have higher chances of winning, although the 1:1 payout could be low for some players. Players have almost a 50% chance of winning the outside bets.

Ignore the Rumors

If you’re still a beginner with Roulette, it’s possible to get carried away by the myths and rumours of the game. The most common misconception in Roulette is that some numbers have higher chances of winning than others. But here is the thing; all roulette numbers have equal chances of winning. So, bet on whichever number your instinct tells you to. Remember, their lucky number isn’t necessarily yours.

Use Casino Promotions

The best Arabic online casinos offer players promotions and bonuses to play Roulette. These casinos can give players the best roulette bonuses like deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, cashback, and more. The idea is to boost your chances of winning a roulette bet without using real money and extend the playing time for your budget. So, don’t miss the bonus day!

Use Roulette Betting Systems

Betting systems like Martingale, Paroli, and Fibonacci are perfect for incorporating into your gameplay. For instance, the Martingale system advises players to double their stake after a loss, recouping everything with a single win. But it’s vital to remember that these systems don’t reduce the house edge. Therefore, use them as part of your roulette bankroll management plan.

How to Play Online Roulette

We have mentioned severally that Roulette is one of the most straightforward casino games. So, enough with the talk and let’s get down to the steps on how to play Roulette:

Step 1. Choose an online roulette casino.

First, players need to choose the best online casino to play Roulette. The perfect roulette casino should have features like licensing, security, roulette game variety, bonuses, fast payments, and reliable customer support. Refer to the list in this article to play Roulette at the best online casino UAE.

Step 2. Select an online roulette game.

After choosing an online casino and making a real money deposit, proceed to browse the casino library and select your favourite roulette game. Remember that you can play Roulette online on desktops or mobile phones.

Step 3. Make a bet and play Roulette.

Now make a roulette bet using the multi-coloured betting chips. If the bet is accepted, hit the “Spin” button to play the game. Sometimes, the wheel will start spinning automatically after placing a roulette wager. After the wheel has stopped spinning, the ball will land on one of the roulette pockets. If it matches your bet, you win. That’s it!

Free Online Roulette vs Real Money Roulette

When playing an online roulette game, players can either play for free or use real money. Free Roulette offers players an excellent way to practice and familiarize themselves with the game without risking any real money. Most gambling sites offer free demo versions of Roulette that you can play for fun before playing the real-money version. Arab players can also use online casino bonuses to play Roulette for free.

On the other hand, real money online roulette is a bit risky but entertaining. These games offer the excitement of potentially winning big rewards and the worry of losing it all. That’s why it’s essential to set a budget and manage your bankroll accordingly when playing real money roulette to avoid any life-changing losses.

Below is a table with roulette games to play for free or real money:

Roulette gameFree demo versionPlay with bonusesPlay for real money
European RouletteYesYesYes
French RouletteYesYesYes
American RouletteYesYesYes
Online Live RouletteYesNoYes

You cannot play casino online roulette live games using casino bonuses because of the streaming costs involved. Operators and suppliers spend millions to stream these games from real casino studios. Thankfully, some operators offer free demo versions of the game. Also, players can place a live roulette bet with as little as $0.10.

Bonuses at live roulette casinos

Up to this point, you don’t need any persuasion to play online real-money roulette using casino bonuses. But before claiming a bonus, it’s vital to learn all the types of roulette casino bonuses available and how they work. Let’s take a look!

Match Deposit Bonus

This is the most common casino welcome bonus in the Middle East and North Africa. It is basically a percentage match on your first deposit. For example, an online roulette casino can offer to match your first bonus by 100%. This means a $100 deposit will attract another $100 in bonus money.

No Deposit Bonus

No-deposit bonuses are the most sought-after among online casino enthusiasts. These welcome bonuses do not require gamers to make initial deposits before claiming them. They offer players an excellent way to try out the roulette offerings before risking real money.

Reload Bonus

As the name hints, a reload bonus is a reward offered to players who make additional deposits after their initial deposit. Usually, this bonus is part of the broader deposit bonus package, although the percentage could be lower. For example, a gambling site can give you a 50% reload bonus on your second and third deposits.

Cashback Bonus

This online casino bonus is mainly for loyal players. With the cashback bonus, online casinos can refund players a percentage of their losses as bonus cash. It simply offers players a way to mitigate losses and encourage them to keep playing.

Free Spins

Are you surprised? Free spin bonuses are generally for online slot machines. The casino can give players a certain number of spins on a specific slot game. But free spins get a shout-out on this list because you can use the winnings to play Roulette and other games. Of course, players must fulfill the wagering requirements first.

VIP Club

VIP treatments are popular in gambling sites like 888 Casino and YYY Casino. It’s usually an invite-only promotion where players gain points to climb up the ladder. Gamers can redeem the points and use the credits to play Roulette and other casino games. VIP membership also comes with other packages like fast withdrawals, personal account assistants, exclusive promotions, etc.

Popular Roulette Game Variations

Roulette games come in many variations, with most players only familiar with European and American versions. Allow us to introduce you to all common types of roulette wheels. Remember, the variation is the wheel layout and rules of the game.

European Roulette

Just like Backgammon 31, European Roulette is a popular roulette wheel in the Middle east. In this Arabic Roulette online game, players are allowed to bet on a specific number or collection of digits. The wheel generally has up to 37 pockets, including 1-36 red/black pockets and a green zero pocket. This gives the game a friendly house edge of 2.70%.

American Roulette

French and English settlers invented their version of Roulette in America in the 18th century. The idea was to curb rampant cheating in the game by adding a double zero pocket. But while this might have worked for them, it increased the house edge to 5.24%. This makes the game a no-go zone if you want to learn how to win at roulette.

French Roulette

French Roulette is undoubtedly the friendliest version of the online roulette game. This game uses the same rules as European Roulette, although the En Prison and La Partage rules highly favour players. For example, the La Partage rule dictates that your wager is refunded if the ball lands on the zero pocket. These rules give the game a friendly house edge of 1.35%.

Mini Roulette

Mini Roulette is a smaller version of traditional Roulette. The game is played with a smaller wheel with fewer numbers. Mini Roulette only has 13 numbers, including 0-12) and a green zero pocket. While this makes the game relatively straightforward, gamers can engage with fewer bets and a higher house edge of around 3.85%.

Multi-Wheel Roulette

Multi-Wheel Roulette is an online game that simultaneously delivers an engaging experience on several roulette tables. In other words, players don’t need to wait for the gameplay to start after placing their bets and receiving the chips. Instead, gameplay will roll over to the following table until you don’t have enough chips to play. Playing on multiple tables significantly improves your chances of hitting a win.

Live Roulette

Lastly, play the live version of this classic table game. Live Roulette gives players a life-like experience as the games are streamed from land-based casino studios in real-time. In this game, you’ll interact with friendly dealers and other players using the chat system, adding a layer of transparency. The only downside is that gamers cannot play live Roulette for free.

Online roulette on mobile experience

Nowadays, almost all adults own a mobile phone, meaning all online roulette players want to play on an online roulette app. Thankfully, nearly all online casinos in the Middle East and North Africa are HTML5-optimized to give roulette players a smooth gameplay experience on their mobile phone browsers. Some casinos also have standalone apps for iPhone and Android users. Just launch the roulette app and start playing.

Having said all that, playing casino games on mobile phones offers a convenient and accessible gaming experience. Players can enjoy their favourite casino games anytime, anywhere. Besides Roulette, you can also play a wide range of games, including slot machines, scratch cards, blackjack, roulette, bingo, baccarat, and more. The online roulette wheel is designed to fit perfectly on the horizontal layout of your mobile screen, especially when playing Mini Roulette.

It’s also vital to note that you can play live Roulette straight from your mobile phone. Like the RNG version of the game, the live roulette layout is designed to fit nicely on a small mobile screen. Even better, players can enjoy the live experience using an “average” smartphone or tablet. However, ensure your data connection is strong and fast to enjoy the ultimate live roulette experience.

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Is playing Roulette all about luck?

Yes, Roulette is a luck-based game because the outcomes are entirely random. In other words, each number on the roulette wheel has an equal chance of winning. However, it’s vital to carefully select the roulette wheels and bets to increase your chances of winning.

Which bets can I place in online roulette games?

Roulette bets are generally divided into outside and inside bets. The outside bets are wagers like red/black, odd/even, and high/low placed outside the betting table. Conversely, inside bets are placed inside the betting board and are harder to hit, although the odds are higher.

What are the odds of winning outside bets in Roulette?

If you’re playing Roulette on the European or French wheel, you have a 48.60% chance of winning bets like odd/even, red/black, and high/low. With the American wheel, your odds of winning is 47.4% due to the additional green pocket. However, both wheels offer a 1:1 payout on outside bets.

Which is the highest-paying online Roulette bet?

Straight-up bets offer the highest payout in online Roulette, with a 35:1 payout. This means if a player wins a straight-up bet, they receive 35x their original wager. However, the odds of winning this bet are low at 2.70% only. So, avoid it if you can.

Do roulette betting systems guarantee a win?

No, roulette betting systems should only help you bet more responsibly with your bankroll. For instance, doubling down after a loss with the Martingale system doesn’t reduce the house edge anyhow. Instead, this can even eat through your bankroll a lot quicker.

Can I place red/black or odd/even bets simultaneously?

Some casinos will allow you to place red and black bets simultaneously. But while this guarantees a win, it means you won’t win anything as the wagers cancel each other out.

What is the best online roulette casino for Arab players?

Please refer to the list on this guidepost to find the best Arab online roulette casinos to join. Our expert team has carefully selected the websites after testing every aspect before recommending them to you.

How to Play Roulette

Whether you are playing Roulette at an online casino, live casino, or land-based casino, the objective is the same. Players only have to make the correct prediction where the ball will stop to get a payout. Remember that roulette bets have varying payouts, with the riskiest options having the highest payout rates.

Below are the detailed steps to play online Roulette on mobile or desktops:

Step 1. Choose a reputable online roulette casino

Almost all online casinos offer roulette games. But with so many online casinos operating in the Middle East and North Africa, it can be overwhelming to make a straight pick, especially if you’re a beginner. So, we advise you to refer to our list to find the best Arab online casinos to play RNG and live Roulette.

But suppose you cannot find a casino that fits your needs, we advise you to look for roulette casinos licensed and regulated by reputable authorities, such as the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, and the Government of Curacao. You should also read reviews and check ratings to know what other players say about their experiences with different casinos. And don’t forget features like game collection, payout speeds, customer support, etc.

Step 2. Create and fund your casino account

Once you’ve chosen an online casino from our well-researched list, proceed to sign up. A typical sign-up process involves providing your name, phone number, email address, and other essential information. In some casinos, players may also need to verify their identity by providing a copy of their government-issued ID and proof of residence before playing real money roulette. Always provide accurate information to avoid complications during the ID verification process.

Once the account is active, go to the cashier section and link your payment method. Most gambling sites in the Middle East and North Africa offer multiple payment solutions, including credit/debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies. Remember to check if the casino charges any fees to make payments. Also, crosscheck the payout duration for each payment method and if the payment method qualifies for the casino promotion.

Step 3: Choose a roulette game and place a bet

Is your casino account loaded and ready to play online Roulette? The next step is to choose the roulette game to play. Most online casinos in Arab countries offer several different roulette versions, each with unique features. European Roulette and American Roulette are the most popular choices among players, although we advise you to stick to the former due to the lower house edge. You can also play the French version, although few casinos offer this option.

Once you’re done choosing a roulette game, fire it up and place a wager. Roulette offers many betting options compared to most casino games, from simple bets like odd/even and red or black to complex wagers like straight-up and column bets. Note that roulette betting options can be a bit overwhelming for a beginner. So, get enough practice before playing.

After settling for a specific bet, click “Spin” to play the game. In some roulette games, the play will begin automatically after placing a wager. The wagering amount will be deducted from your account balance, and you’ll see the total bet amount on the screen.

Step 4. Continue playing or cash out

After spinning the roulette wheel, a winning number or combination of numbers will appear. For instance, if you bet on red and the ball stops on the exact spot, you’ll receive a payout equal to your initial stake. That’s why it’s also critical to understand how online roulette odds work.

Lastly, lucky gamers can cash out their winnings or continue playing. If you ask us, we would ask you to withdraw a portion of your winnings, as Roulette is purely luck-based. The next game rounds can be unforgiving, and you end up losing the entire amount.

Practice Makes Perfect in Roulette!

Roulette can look deceptively simple on paper. But most players can easily get intimidated by the number of roulette bets on the table. While playing online is just as easy as clicking a button, getting some practice is critical. So, where can you find free roulette games to practice?

First, this page features the best online roulette casinos in the Middle East and North Africa, allowing gamers to play for free. Our review team have carefully selected casinos with the best roulette bonuses and promotions to give players a free shot at roulette bets. Some of these casinos also offer demo versions of real money roulette games.

We also advise players to install roulette apps from App Store and Play Store. These app markets have hundreds of free roulette apps that allow you to learn the basics of the online roulette game on your phone. Because the idea is to sharpen your skills, you’ll play and win virtual money.


What are the basic rules of playing online Roulette?

Roulette is relatively straightforward to play, unlike poker, blackjack, and craps, which may have complex rules. The online casino dealer will spin the roulette wheel and drop the ball when the wheel is spinning. You win a corresponding payout if the ball stops on the number or colour you had predicted.

Can I play roulette online on mobile?

Yes, of course, all online roulette games are optimized for mobile play. You can place a wager and win big whether playing on your web browser or a standalone casino app.

Do zeros count as odd or even numbers in Roulette?

While some consider zero an even number, the roulette wheel doesn’t. The casino wins the round if the ball stops on a 0 or 00 pocket. This is unless the players had specified that the ball would stop on these pockets. Just consider this as a “hose edge.”

How can I win more often in Roulette?

There’s no proven strategy to win more often in Roulette because the game is purely luck based. However, playing outside over inside bets will give players an edge. Also, playing Roulette on the European or French wheel will result in more winning sessions compared to when playing on the American version.

Best Roulette Strategies

There are many roulette strategies that Arab gamers can use to mitigate losses. However, finding a system that fits your gameplay is easier said than done. For this reason, we will walk you through some popular working systems, starting from Martingale and Paroli to D’Alembert and Fibonacci. Read on!

Progressive Vs Non-Progressive Roulette Strategy

Before you define the type of roulette betting system to use, it’s vital to remember that these strategies can be progressive or non-progressive. Ultimately, the betting strategy choice is personal preference and playing style. Consider things like risk tolerance, playing time, and bankroll size.

In a progressive roulette strategy, players increase their bets after each loss. The idea is to recoup their losses and profit with just a single win. For example, if a player loses a bet of $10, some strategies might advise them to double the amount in the next spin.

Conversely, non-progressive betting strategies are more conservative as players keep their bets the same regardless of whether they win or lose. For instance, if a player bets $10 on red and wins, they will continue to bet $10 on red. If they fail, they will still bet $10 on the next free online roulette quick spin until their bankroll runs out. It’s an excellent betting option for online roulette players with small bankrolls.

Progressive Roulette Strategies


Martingale is arguably the most popular real money roulette strategy. This betting system involves doubling the size of the previous bet after each loss. The idea is to recoup all losses with a single win. For example, if a roulette player bets $5 and loses, they will bet $10 on the next spin. If they lose again, they will bet $20. If this bet wins, the player will have a $5 profit. 


Players increase their bet after each win in this positive progression betting strategy. The objective is to fully exploit the rare winning streaks to recover losses and maximize wins. Remember that you’ll need a fixed base stake to start betting with this strategy. After the winning streak ends, revert to the base amount.


D’Alembert is a blend of both Martingale and Paroli betting systems. In this strategy, players increase and decrease their bets by a single unit after losing and winning, respectively. For instance, if your base stake is $3 and you lose, you’ll increase the stake by $1. Then, you’ll place a $4 stake, and if it wins, you’ll decrease it to $3. The idea is to mitigate losses while keeping the best as low as possible.


The Fibonacci roulette betting system uses the famous Fibonacci sequence, where each number is the total of the last two numbers. Here is how it goes; 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21 and so on. In this roulette system, a player starts by betting one unit, say 1, before progressing to the following number if the bet loses. For each win, players will move back two steps. Unlike the aggressive Martingale system, Fibonacci is relatively conservative, making it perfect for beginners.

Non-Progressive Roulette Strategies


In the Labouchere betting system, players begin by deciding on a betting sequence, a string of numbers representing the bet amount. For example, this could be 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8, each number representing bet units. Then, you’ll add the first and last unit to place a bet. If the bet wins, they cross out the numbers and place the bet on the sum of the following two numbers. If the bet loses, add the bet amount to the end of the sequence. It’s that simple!


Andrucci is more of a betting research than a strategy. This real money roulette betting system is based on an extensive number of spins to confirm if specific numbers come up more often than others. Typically, the observation revolves around 30-40 spins. The conclusion is to bet on the lucky numbers that come up more often. But as we may already know, each roulette number has an equal chance of coming up.

James Bond

The James Bond roulette betting system was popularly used by James Bond in the legendary Ian Fleming’s novels. It’s a flat betting system, meaning players don’t change the stake units throughout the game. The James Bond system requires gamers to place a wager on three different roulette bets on the same spin. The idea is to cover as much ground on the roulette wheel as possible by combining high-risk and low-risk bets. It’s a risky strategy, though!

How to Choose the Ideal Roulette Strategy

Now you know the best online roulette strategies to use at the best online roulette app in the Middle East and North Africa. The next step is to identify what works best for your roulette gameplay. Before settling on a particular roulette strategy, players must have a bankroll because these strategies don’t guarantee a win. This is especially true with systems like Martingale, which can eat through your bankroll quickly.

Another thing to consider before using a roulette strategy is the game to play. Our advice to Arab players is to always play on the French or European wheels. For example, when using the Andrucci strategy, players must identify the hottest numbers on the roulette wheel. Playing on the French and European wheels will help you determine this quicker.


What is the best online roulette strategy?

The best roulette strategy depends on your playing style and budget. For example, the Martingale or James Bond systems are the best options if you have a big enough bankroll. On the other hand, Paroli and Fibonacci are perfect for conservative players.

Is there a 100% working online roulette strategy?

No, the roulette betting systems discussed in this guidepost should only help manage your bankroll more effectively. That’s because Roulette is a luck-based game, meaning no strategy can reduce the house edge.

Which is the safest online roulette strategy?

D’Alembert is one of the best roulette strategies for conservative players. This unaggressive roulette system lets players increase and decrease their stake amounts gradually. But choose what works best for you.

How do I play using an online roulette strategy?

Players must have a big enough bankroll to get the most out of online roulette strategies. Also, play using the systems on even-money roulette bets to increase their effectiveness.

Understanding Roulette Odds

Any serious Arab gambler must understand their chances of winning a payout before staking real money. In an online roulette game, players will encounter tens of bets with varying payouts. So, in this guide, you’ll get some detailed knowledge of how roulette odds work and how they affect your overall gameplay.

What Are Online Roulette Odds?

Roulette odds are simply the chances of an outcome happening in the game. Usually, these odds dictate how much players can win if the wager succeeds. For example, you have 1 in 37 odds of hitting a single-number bet in American Roulette with 38 numbers. However, casinos only pay 35:1 on straight-number bets because of the green zero pockets.

It’s also vital to note that roulette bets with higher odds of winning have lower payouts. A good example is red/black, which has almost a 50% chance of winning. Conversely, roulette wagers with lower odds of winning have higher payouts. So, don’t place single-number bets if your objective is to win more often on a roulette wheel.

To calculate the odds for a specific roulette bet, divide the probability for the odds happening over the total number of pockets on the wheel. For example, in American Roulette, the odds for an odd/even, high/low, or red/black is 47.36 % (18/38). In European Roulette, the odds are higher at 48.65% (18/37).

Online Roulette Outside Bets Odds

Roulette outside bets are the most played bets because they are less risky. Outside bets are placed on the outer section of the table or outside the numbered grid. Although they have better odds of winning, they have lower payouts.

Below are the most played outside roulette outside bets:

  • Red/Black: Gamers can bet on whether the roulette ball will stop on a red or black pocket to win even money (1:1).
  • Odd/Even: Another even money bet you can place is on whether the winning number would be odd or even. No further explanation is needed!
  • High/Low: If you bet the winning number will be a low (1-18) or high (19-36), you’ll receive an even money payout.
  • Columns: Roulette players can also bet on one of the three column numbers on the table. The probability of this happening is 32.4%, with an increased payout of 2:1.
  • Dozens: A typical roulette bet has numbers divided into dozens of 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36. Placing a successful dozen bet on any of these groups pays 2:1.

Online Roulette Inside Bets Odds

Inside bets are roulette betting options placed on the main betting areas of the table. Unlike outside roulette bets, these bets have higher payouts. However, the chances of hitting an outside bet are lower. Therefore, only play Roulette outside bets if you have enough bankroll to gamble at the casino.

Here are the most played inside bets in online Roulette:

  • Straight Up: This is arguably the most popular inside bet in Roulette. In this bet, players bet on a specific number to appear by placing the chip directly on the number. If the bet is successful, the payout is 35.1. But remember, your odds of winning this bet are just 2.70% on the European wheel and 2.63% on the American game.
  • Split Bet: In split bets, players wager on two adjacent numbers by placing the chip on the line between them. The probability of this bet winning is 5.4%, with a 17.1 payout.
  • Street Bet: This bet involves betting on three numbers in a row. Just place the chip at the end of the row on the roulette table and expect an 11:1 payout. The probability is 8.1%.
  • Corner Bet: In corner bets, players can bet on four numbers meeting at a corner by placing the chip on the intersecting lines. This bet has a 10.8% payout with an 8:1 payout.
  • Double Street Bet: Finally, roulette players can bet on six numbers by placing the chip at the intersecting point of two rows. This bet is sometimes called a line bet. The odds for this bet winning is 16.21%, with a payout of 5:1.

Can Players Improve Their Roulette Odds?

If you’re still a beginner, you must wonder if there’s a trick to improve the roulette betting odds. Unfortunately, there is no proven way to increase the roulette odds because Roulette is purely luck-based. Now answer this; can players do anything after placing a bet and sending the wheels spinning? Probably nothing!

However, you can do a few things to improve your odds on a roulette table. First, play on the best Arab online casinos offering European and French wheels. As discussed earlier, these wheels increase the probability of hitting a win, although the payout is constant among all roulette wheels.

Another strategy is to always play the outside bets over the inside bets. That’s because these wagers have higher chances of winning despite coming with smaller payouts. But there is no problem playing a straight-up bet once in a while. It could be your lucky day!


How do I calculate roulette betting odds?

To know your probability of winning a roulette bet, divide the chances of winning the wager by the total number of pockets in a wheel. For instance, your chances of winning a single-number bet in American Roulette is 2.63% (1/38). Note that a higher percentage means more winning chances.

What are the odds of winning a roulette bet?

Generally, Roulette has one of the best odds for winning a wager, considering you are playing on a European or French wheel. The former has a 2.70% house edge, whereas the latter has 1.35%. That’s better than what most slots offer.

Which online roulette bets offer the best odds?

If you want to enjoy the best odds of winning in Roulette, play even-money bets like low/high, odd/even, and red/black. These bets have a 48.65% chance of winning on a European or French wheel.

What is the payout for betting on a green pocket?

This depends on the roulette wheel. In the French or European game, betting on a green pocket gives you a 35:1 payout. Conversely, the American wheel allows you to bet on two green pockets and receive a 17:1 payout. You can also bet on one of the two green pockets.

Can players use betting systems in Roulette?

Yes, Roulette generally allows players to use any working strategy, whether playing real money online roulette or land-based Roulette. But casinos are not fools because they know no amount of strategy can increase your odds of winning in Roulette.

Where can I find the best roulette payouts?

The thing is that roulette odds are constant regardless of the type of game or casino you choose. However, playing single-zero roulette wheels on a licensed and regulated casino is advisable. Refer to our list to find the best roulette casinos in the Middle East and North Africa.

Tips for Playing Online Roulette

Let’s not deceive ourselves; Roulette is a game of chance, just like scratch cards, slots, craps, and baccarat. Unfortunately, this means there’s no sure way to win every bet in Roulette because luck randomly determines the outcomes.

But smart roulette players don’t play without a plan. There are several strategies and tips that can help increase your odds of winning roulette bets more often. This guide explores some of those strategies in detail. Let’s jump in!

Understand the Odds

Before playing Roulette, it’s critical to understand how the odds of the game work. In a European or French roulette game, there are up to 37 numbered pockets, with the American wheel having an additional 00 pocket. This means the odds for players winning a single number bet is 1 in 37 or 1 in 38, depending on the wheel. Now that doesn’t sound so good, does it?

On the other hand, your odds of winning an even-money bet like red/black, odd/even, and high/low) are 18 in 37 on European Roulette or 18 in 38 on American Roulette. That gives players better winning chances. So, calculate the odds before settling for a specific roulette bet. Remember that the odds are against you even with the so-called even money bets.

Play the Outside Bets

A typical roulette betting table has outside and inside bets. The outside bets are wagers placed outside the numbered grids. This includes even money bets like the ones mentioned before and bets like dozens and columns. Conversely, the inside bets are placed inside the betting grid.

The reason why you should bet on outside bets is to enjoy an increased probability of winning. For instance, betting on a red/black outcome gives you a 48.5% chance of winning. On the flip side, an inside bet, like a straight-up bet, has a 2.70% chance of succeeding on the wheel. So, always avoid the inside bet unless you have money to lose.

Play European or French Roulette

Here is another straightforward tip for playing Roulette. You can find an online roulette wheel in three main versions: French, European, and American. The European wheel is the most popular version of the game because it comes with a friendly 2.70% house edge. If you’re lucky, you can also find an Arab casino offering the French version of the game with a 1.35% house edge.

So, why should you ignore the American wheel? We said earlier that this game comes with an additional 00 pocket, giving it 38 sections. Let’s assume you’re making a single-number bet, giving you 2.63% odds of winning. On the European version, the odds are slightly higher at 2.70%. The difference may not sound much, but it might be what you need to win that 35:1 payout.

Practice Bankroll Management

Whether playing a luck-based game like Roulette or a skill-based option like poker, bankroll management is critical to winning your bets. In other words, players must set a specific budget and stick to it at times. Let’s just say you should play real money roulette with money you can gamble away.

But bankroll management also involves knowing the amount you should stake per spin. We often advise readers not to bet more than 5% of the entire budget per spin. Remember that the idea is to prolong your stay on the roulette table and maximize your chances of winning. And another thing, choose roulette tables with the lowest possible bet limits to prolong your bankroll’s lifespan.

Use Roulette Betting Systems

Many roulette betting systems encourage gamers to place bets based on specific patterns or sequences. The general idea with most of these systems is that players will recover their losses with one or two bets despite the apparent fact that you’ll lose more often than you win. Some popular roulette betting systems include Martingale, Paroli, Fibonacci, and D’Alembert.

But betting systems are not surefire strategies to reduce the roulette house edge. In fact, there is no way to reduce the casino’s mathematical advantage unless you’re playing on a friendly wheel. For this reason, we encourage players to use roulette betting systems as part of their bankroll management strategies. Options like Martingale and Fibonacci can become counterproductive if you don’t have a big enough bankroll.

Play Online Roulette for Free

Roulette can be a luck-based game, but you’ll definitely need to sharpen your gaming skills to succeed. The thing is that Roulette is a fast-paced game with lots of decisions to make. For instance, players must learn to calculate the odds of winning a specific bet before playing.

Thankfully, there are many ways to play online Roulette for free. Players can install virtual money roulette games from Play Store or App Store to learn how the game works before playing with real money. In addition, online casinos in the Middle East and North Africa offer the best roulette bonuses to play for free and win a payout after fulfilling the wagering requirements. Plus, play the free demo version of the game.

Avoid Chasing Losses

Lastly, avoid chasing losses in Roulette or any other online casino game you play. Chasing losses is simply to continue betting as you look to recover losses from previous wagers. And believe it or not, many roulette players are guilty of this offence.

That said, chasing losses will only lead to more painful losses. It’s critical to remember that the house always has the mathematical edge, which becomes more active as you continue playing. So, instead of chasing lost bets, learn to cut your losses and try next time.


What is the best online roulette strategy?

There are many roulette strategies to implement in your gameplay. However, the basic options involve choosing the right wheels and bets as well as playing with a bankroll.

Can roulette strategies and tips reduce the house edge?

The house edge will definitely decrease if you play Roulette on the French or European wheel over the American version. But generally, there’s no strategy to reduce the house edge in Roulette.

Can gamblers make a living from playing Roulette?

No, there is no proven strategy to beat the house in an online roulette game. So, play strictly for fun and enjoy the bonus winnings.

What is the best online casino to play Roulette?

It depends on your preference. Some casinos can have more extensive roulette libraries, while others can offer frequent roulette bonuses. So, the best way to find reliable online roulette casinos in the Middle East and North Africa is to refer to our expert reviews.

Is it possible to play free roulette game for real money?

Yes, you can play roulette online for free at top real money online casino Kuwait. Many of these casinos offer bonuses like no deposit bonuses, deposit bonuses, cashback, reload bonuses, etc. But always read the bonus terms before claiming anything.