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MuchBetter welcomes new Arab players who are eager to experience the pleasure and excitement of real money casino games safely and discreetly using their smart phones. MuchBetter has recently become the best electronic payment method.

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In this article, I will share my experience of with payments at the online casinos using MuchBetter E-Wallet, including how I learned about it, how easy it is, how to pay and withdraw money, etc. You will find everything you need to know about MuchBetter in this guide. Let’s get started!

Perhaps the reason we choose to talk about MuchBetter E-Wallet is that it is one of the most prominent, reputable, and popular smart payment methods among Arab players in Arab countries. It is also widely accepted in the majority of Arab Online Casinos.

What is MuchBetter E-Wallet?

MuchBetter E-Wallet is an electronic payment method, which allows you to pay and withdraw money using your smart phone, so you will be able to start or continue playing at an Online Casino from anywhere outside your home securely, confidentially, and seamlessly.

Perhaps the most important reason behind the great success and tremendous popularity of MuchBetter E-Wallet among Arab players, despite the availability of other trusted and reliable payment options, is that we adhere to high standards of security and credibility, in addition to the ability to send and receive money instantly, through simple clicks on your smart phone, which distinguishes MuchBetter from any other popular traditional payment options.

MuchBetter is an E-Wallet you can use by downloading the E-Wallet Application on your smart phone from the relevant app store, and then you will have to create an account and fund your account by adding any traditional payment method.

The most important advantage of MuchBetter E-Wallet in financial transactions is that it grants you a highly reliable firewall that prevents hackers and cybercriminals from tracking your money. Moreover, MuchBetter E-Wallet will remain valid as long as it is funded and the fees are very low, not exceeding 1.5%. These advantages encouraged renowned brands and casino operators to accept MuchBetter as an ideal payment method for players from Arab countries.

How to make a deposit using MuchBetter E-Wallet at an Online Casino?

Your deposits will be made instantly to your account at Online Casinos so that you can access a variety of games to play the ones you prefer, earn more dollars and play and win more and more. To enjoy the moment, you must play at a legal casino that offers the best services and benefits, create an account and make the initial deposit through the following steps:

  1. Go to the Cashier Page, click on “Deposit Money” option.
  2. Click on the icon corresponding to MuchBetter E-Wallet.
  3. Add your MuchBetter E-Wallet e-mail address and PIN code.
  4. Select the deposit amount to fund your casino account, then click on “confirm”.
  5. In less than five minutes, your casino account will be funded and you can start playing the games you prefer. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to make earnings that will make you feel joyful and excited.

How to withdraw earnings using MuchBetter E-Wallet at an Online Casino?

MuchBetter E-Wallet is distinct from other payment methods, since it allows you to swiftly withdraw your earnings from online casino. This is an advantage that most financial transaction methods do not provide and that is why we strongly recommend MuchBetter. Let’s find out how easy it is to withdraw earnings using MuchBetter:

Once again, you have to go to the “Payment” page at the online casino, click on “Withdraw earnings” and select MuchBetter from the withdrawal options that are listed. Enter your MuchBetter E-Wallet email address and PIN code. Type your deserved earnings and finally click on “Confirm”. The withdrawal process is not completed. You will receive your funds in the next 72 hours to your E-Wallet safely and confidentially.

The best MuchBetter online casinos

MuchBetter E-Wallet is supported by over 120 of the most trusted casino brands in Arab countries. This is an advantage that allows you to choose the best casino that provides you with the best services and the highest standards of security and credibility. We recommend using MuchBetter E-Wallet at one of the following casinos:

RankCasinoBonus OfferNumber of GamesPayment SpeedWin RatePlay Now
#1888 casino200 $1,100+1 – 2 days98%Play Now
#2Betway casino2000 $400+1 – 5 days97%Play Now
#3Jackpotcity casino1600 $450+1 – 4 days96%Play Now
#4Spin Casino1000 $600+1 – 5 days96.5%Play Now
#522Bet300 $1,000+1 – 2 days95.5%Play Now

Advantages of using MuchBetter at Online Casino

This is why I highly recommend using MuchBetter E-Wallet for online casino transactions, as it provides you with a lot of advantages and strengths that distinct it from other options. I experienced those advantages myself through my own experience. Let’s briefly explain the most important strengths:

Secure financial transactions: MuchBetter E-Wallet ensures that your transactions are completely secure by reviewing every single transaction and sends you a confirmation message to validate the transaction. MuchBetter also applies a two-factor authentication feature compatible with many devices, as well as finger-print verification to ensure you are the only one authorized to use MuchBetter for payments.

High standards for privacy: MuchBetter does not share your personal information with the casino, or any third-party payment portal. This ensures maximum confidentiality and security.

Prevents you from playing when you are losing: The maximum deposit is reasonable, to prevent you from exceeding your financial capacity. This way you can control your deposits and protect yourself from losing.

Instant Payments: MuchBetter is a highly efficient E-Wallet you can use to complete the payment process in a few minutes; thus, you can enjoy every moment of your time to play, entertain and earn cash.

Lower Taxes: The fees that are deducted when using MuchBetter at online casinos are very low, not comparable to other payment methods, allowing you to take the complete advantages of all your credit.

Disadvantages of using MuchBetter at Online Casino

In fairness, we would like to point out that the financial transactions made by MuchBetter at online casinos have some disadvantages. We would like to point them out to be able to make your decision using MuchBetter, or any other payment method. These disadvantages are listed below:

❌ You must have a smart phone to be able to use MuchBetter at online casinos.

❌ There are many casinos that do not support MuchBetter.

❌ MuchBetter cannot be used for offline transactions.

❌ Some Arab countries do not support MuchBetter, such as Iraq, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen.

Arab Countries that support MuchBetter E-Wallet

One of the most important reasons why we recommend Arab players to use MuchBetter at online casino is that they can easily obtain a MuchBetter E-Wallet without any hassle. MuchBetter is one of the most supported electronic payment options in Arab countries. Whichever country you reside in, you will be able to use MuchBetter for online casino financial transactions.

Players in the UAE “United Arab Emirates”, KSA “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Bahrain and other Arab countries can use MuchBetter E-Wallet safely and easily. While Yemen, Tunisia, Libya and Iraq do not support the wonderful MuchBetter.

Privacy and Security while using MuchBetter E-Wallet for online casino transactions

Security and confidentiality are the most important criteria Arab players at online casinos consider while choosing the payment method. They are the same reasons why we highly recommend using MuchBetter for secure financial transactions.

MuchBetter E-Wallet utilizes the most powerful encryption algorithms to protect customers, while reviewing every single transaction and sending you a confirmation message to validate the transaction. MuchBetter also follows more effective standards to ensure users’ privacy and secure their money, such as two-factor authentication and finger-print verification. This ensures that your account is protected from hackers, your money is protected from cybercriminals.

Moreover, MuchBetter sends a verification message to players to confirm every single financial transaction, whether debited or credited, which is the highest standards of safety and security of funds. Otherwise, MuchBetter does not share players’ information with the casino, to ensure full confidentiality of players’ information.

How we evaluate financial transactions at online casino?

We take care of everything and review many processes to evaluate and review the payment methods supported by online casinos, to verify they are reliable enough to ensure security, confidentiality, and speed for all Arab players. We classify the payment methods according to:

  1. Ability to secure money online.
  2. Credibility in customers’ transactions and not applying hidden fees or charges.
  3. Acceptance among players.
  4. Spread at online casinos.
  5. Time spent to process financial transactions.

Why would you use MuchBetter E-Wallet at online casinos?

The answer to this question does not require much thought. I have used MuchBetter myself and I have found many reasons why it makes the betting session at online casinos much better and safer. That is why I would like to share my experience with you to encourage you to use MuchBetter at online casinos. The most important reasons that would make you use MuchBetter at online casinos:

  1. Allows players to make transactions instantly.
  2. Can be used for payment and withdrawal.
  3. The fees are very low.
  4. It is highly secured by being compatible with many devices and finger-print verification.
  5. You can control your deposits and protect yourself from losing, by applying low payment limits.

FAQ about MuchBetter E-Wallet at online casinos

So far, few Arab players use MuchBetter E-Wallet at online casinos, since it is still new to the market and has not been popular. Which raises so many questions, the most important ones are as follows:

Does MuchBetter guarantee the security of my money online?

Yes. MuchBetter E-Wallet uses highly efficient encryption software and algorithms, besides the two-factor authentication and finger-print verification, which ensures the highest standards of safety and security of funds.

What are the advantages of using MuchBetter for financial transactions?

It is distinct with instant payments and earnings withdrawals, provides you with the highest standards of privacy, very low fees and charges, as well as allowing you to control your deposits and protect you from losing, by applying low payment limits.

Is MuchBetter E-Wallet available in all Arab countries?

No. Although MuchBetter is supported in most Arab countries, it is not available in other countries such as Yemen, Libya, Iraq and Tunisia.

Is it easy to have a MuchBetter E-Wallet?

No. It is easier than you think. All you have to do is to own a smart phone, download MuchBetter E-Wallet Application on your phone, create a new account and eventually fund the E-Wallet by using any traditional payment method. Now, you can use MuchBetter for transactions at online casinos.

Is the withdrawal of earnings as fast as the payment process via MuchBetter E-Wallet?

The payment process is instant when using MuchBetter E-Wallet. The withdrawal of earnings is carried out swiftly, in no longer than three days.

Does the casino allow me to qualify for bonuses when paying with MuchBetter?

Yes. You have the right to benefit from all the bonuses offered by the casino to its customers, from registration and welcome bonuses, loyalty points, VIP bonuses, among others.

Are the MuchBetter E-Wallet fees high?

No. MuchBetter E-Wallet fees are the lowest compared to other financial transactions options, as it does not exceed 1.5% for every transaction.

In conclusion, experts believe that MuchBetter E-Wallet is the best option for financial transactions at online casinos, for its advantages that allow you to enjoy every moment of your time to play, entertain and earn cash. MuchBetter guarantees you a safer, easier and less expensive gambling experience.

MuchBetter E-Wallet guarantees the highest standards of safety and security, as well as complete confidentiality by not sharing your information with the casino. You can complete your payment process in a few minutes when using MuchBetter. I recommend you not to waste such great opportunity to take advantage of all the features of the innovative MuchBetter E-Wallet while playing at dozens of trustworthy casinos that accept MuchBetter. Enjoy the spirit of fun and adventure while earning money!