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Backgammon is a classic two-player board game that is gaining popularity at Arab online casinos. Backgammon is a strategy and skill-based game that is easy to learn by newbies.

Best Casinos For Online Live Dealer Backgammon 31

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Best Casinos For Online Live Dealer Backgammon 31

In this article, we’ll dive deep into what makes online live backgammon for Arabic players exciting, and also recommend the best online casino live backgammon platforms, and explore strategies that will help Arab players get luckier. Keep reading!

What is Live Dealer Backgammon?

Originating in the cradle of civilization, ancient Mesopotamia, backgammon was known by various names. In its early forms, backgammon was a simple board game that evolved into the complex and strategic contest we know today. The game gained significant recognition in the West during the medieval period. Over time, it earned its place as one of the most iconic board games globally.

Live dealer backgammon is an exciting and interactive online version of the classic board game. It allows players to enjoy the game in a digital format while maintaining the essence of face-to-face play. The most impressive feature of live backgammon is the presence of a real, human dealer who rolls the dice and moves the checkers on a virtual board. Players can watch these actions in real-time through a video feed, adding a personal and social dimension to the game that traditional online versions often lack.

Advantages Of Playing Live Dealer Backgammon

AreaLive BackgammonOnline Backgammon
Real-Time InteractionFeatures a live human dealer who rolls the dice and moves checkers, providing a personal and social experience. Players can chat with the dealer and sometimes other players.Gameplay is typically automated, lacking the presence of a live dealer. Limited interaction with other players, usually through text chat.
Gameplay PaceSlightly slower due to the involvement of a live dealer. Real-time dice rolls and checker movements.Faster-paced as it is automated. Instantaneous moves based on player decisions.
Skill and StrategyOffers a higher level of authenticity, allowing players to apply advanced strategies. Mimics the feel of playing on a physical board.Requires strategy but may have simplified features. Ideal for players seeking quicker games with less emphasis on realism.
Variety of BetsBetting options may vary depending on the casino, often with moderate to high stakes.Typically offers a range of betting options to suit different budgets. Allows casual and competitive play.
Real Money PrizesOffers the opportunity to win real money prizes.Also provides opportunities for real money winnings, catering to both skill-based and casual players.
ConvenienceRequires a stable internet connection and knowledge of the live dealer’s schedule.Allows for flexible gameplay anytime and anywhere with an internet connection.
Social InteractionEncourages social engagement through live chat with the dealer.Limited social interaction with text chat features.
Learning CurveMay appeal more to experienced players who enjoy the challenge of live play.Ideal for players of all skill levels, including those new to backgammon.

How to Play Live Dealer Backgammon

The objective in live backgammon is to be the first player to bear off all your checkers from the board. Unlike many online casino games that rely on luck, you can make a win on backgammon with skill on your side, though luck does go a long way.

Step 1: Place Your Bets

Before the game starts, you’ll need to place your bets. You’ll typically have a range of betting options, so select an amount that you’re comfortable with. Betting limits can vary from table to table, so make sure to check them before placing your bets.

Step 2:  Roll the dice

At the beginning of your turn, roll two dice. You can move your checkers according to the numbers rolled on the dice. Each number represents a separate move for one or more checkers.

  • You can move one checker by the number rolled on one die and another checker by the number on the other die.
  • You can also move a single checker the total number rolled on both dice.
  • You can’t move to a point occupied by two or more of your opponent’s checkers (a “blot”).
  • If you roll the same number on both dice, you get to move four times with that number.
  • If you can’t make a legal move with the dice, you lose your turn.

Step 3: Hitting and Entering

If you land on a point occupied by a single opponent checker (a blot), you hit that checker, sending it to the bar (the middle of the board).

To re-enter a checker from the bar, you must roll a number that corresponds to an open point in your opponent’s home board (the 1-point to 6-point). If there are no open points, you can’t re-enter until your opponent opens one up.

Step 4: Bearing Off

  • Once all of your checkers are in your home board, you can start bearing them off.
  • Roll a number that matches a point where you have checkers, and remove one checker from that point.
  • If you roll a number that’s higher than the highest occupied point, you can remove a checker from the highest point.
  • If you’re the first player to bear off all your checkers from the board, you win the game.
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Bonuses at Live Backgammon for Arabic Players

Arabic players who enjoy live backgammon at online casinos can benefit from a variety of enticing bonuses that enhance their gaming experience. These bonuses don’t only add value but also provide opportunities to potentially boost their winnings.

  • Welcome Bonus: The welcome bonus is a standard package which is usually offered to new players upon signing up at an online casino. To claim this offer, Arabic players need to create an account, make their initial deposit, and often enter a promo code if one is provided. The casino will then match a percentage of their deposit, providing them with extra funds to play live backgammon. Platforms like YYY Casino is home to a massive welcome bonus package for newly registered players.
  • Deposit Bonus: The deposit bonus can be either a recurring promotion or part of a special promotion. Arabic players can claim this bonus by making a qualifying deposit during the specified timeframe. The casino will then credit their account with a percentage of the deposited amount.
  • No Deposit Bonus: For new players, the No Deposit Bonus allows you to explore live backgammon without risking your own funds. Players can claim this offer simply by registering at the casino. The bonus funds are usually credited automatically to their account, enabling them to play without making a deposit.
  • Reload Bonus: To reward player’s loyalty, many online casinos offer a Reload Bonus. This bonus allows Arab players to claim additional funds when they make subsequent deposits after their initial one.
  • Cashback Bonuses: Arabic players can also take advantage of Cashback Bonuses. These bonuses provide a percentage of their losses back as bonus funds, offering a safety net for those experiencing less fortunate gaming sessions. The cashback is often credited automatically, making it a convenient offer.
  • Tournament Bonuses: To keep things exciting, casinos may occasionally offer tournament bonuses for live backgammon tournaments. Players can claim these bonuses by entering the tournament and meeting the specified criteria, such as winning a certain number of games or reaching a specific leaderboard position. If you’re hunting for lucrative tournament bonuses, do well to check out BC.Game casino. Though the platform doesn’t offer Live backgammon games, you get to enjoy a variety of tournament bonuses. Make sure to read our Game Casino review to learn more.

How We Rate Live Backgammon for Arabic Players

Finding a trustworthy and enjoyable platform for live backgammon can be a challenging task. Arabic players, like all casino players, seek a secure, fair, and engaging gaming experience. To ensure you make the right choice, we’ve adopted a comprehensive review process that reviews key factors to ensure you get the best gaming site.

Mobile Compatibility

A top-rated live Arabic backgammon platform must offer a seamless and immersive mobile experience, either through a responsive mobile website or a dedicated app. Our reviews ensure that the chosen casinos provide a user-friendly interface and optimal functionality on smartphones and tablets.

Customer Support

We believe that a casino’s commitment to its players is its ability to address concerns and queries promptly. When reviewing a live backgammon casino, we assess the responsiveness and helpfulness of their customer service. 1xbet Casino offers instant customer support service via live chat and email. However, there are no live backgammon games available to play. If you’d like to join the platform, read our 1xbet Casino review.

Fast Payout Times

Arab players, like all casino enthusiasts, expect swift and hassle-free withdrawals. Waiting for days or weeks to access your winnings always leads to a disappointing experience. Therefore, our review process prioritizes live backgammon casinos that offer fast payout times. We assess the efficiency of their withdrawal processes to ensure that players can enjoy their earnings without unnecessary delays. AstroPay Casino Online is one of the few platforms with a fast payout time, though the site fails to offer live backgammon games at the moment.

Secure & Safe

Security is important when playing at live backgammon casinos for Arabic players. We examine the encryption software used by each platform to guarantee that player data and financial transactions are safeguarded against threats. Trustworthy certifications, such as Norton, TRUSTe, secure SSL, and eCogra, help us determine that players are safe and secure.

Easy Deposits

The deposit process should be straightforward and convenient. Arab players should be able to fund their accounts easily without encountering unnecessary complications. In our reviews, we favour live backgammon platforms that offer a variety of payment methods like Perfect Money, EcoPayz, Neteller, Visa, MasterCard and accept multiple currencies. Casinos that provide attractive and substantial bonuses for deposits also receive high marks. VIP Arab Club Casino comes with a wide selection of payment options and ranks as one of the top recommended platforms to play live backgammon in the middle east. Read through our VIP Arab Club Casino review to learn more.

Different Live Backgammon Variants for Arab Players at Online Casinos

When it comes to playing live backgammon at online casinos, Arab players have the opportunity to enjoy various exciting variants of this classic board game. Here are some popular live backgammon variants that Arab players can explore and stake on at online casinos


In Acey-Deucey, players start with none of their checkers on the board, much like entering pieces from the bar. This variant has a special rule that allows players to select any doubles move of their choice if they roll a 1-2, in addition to making their 1 and 2 moves. Rolling 1-2 or doubles grants an extra turn, adding an element of surprise and strategy to the game.


Hypergammon is a simplified version of backgammon where each side begins with only three checkers. These checkers are placed on the 22-point, 23-point, and 24-point, making for a compact but challenging game. Blots, or single checkers, are common in Hypergammon, adding an element of risk and strategy to the game despite the limited number of checkers in play.

Exact Bearoff

In this variant, players face an additional challenge as they must roll the exact number required to bear off each checker. This rule makes the game take longer and introduces potential twists and turns, as players aim to roll the precise numbers needed for a successful bear-off.

Russian Backgammon

Russian Backgammon offers a unique head-to-head race type of competition. Unlike traditional backgammon where players move in opposite directions, both players start on the same side of the board and race for the same home section. This variant is more competitive as players vie to reach their shared home section before their opponent.

Strategy and Tips: How to Win at Live Backgammon

Unlike Real Money Online Roulette, winning at online casino live backgammon requires a combination of strategic thinking, tactical decision-making, and adapting to the ever-changing game dynamics. To help you improve your chances of success in live backgammon, you can apply these strategies

  1. Build a Strong Home Board

Securing your home board is one of the most important things to do in backgammon. This means having at least two or more of your checkers on each of the six highest points (1-point to 6-point). A strong home board makes it challenging for your opponent to enter their checkers from the bar or move their checkers around your board safely.

  1. Hit and Split

Hitting your opponent’s checkers (landing on a blot) can be a powerful move. It sends their checker to the bar, disrupting their progress. Splitting your opponent’s checkers requires creating gaps between their checkers, making it harder for them to regroup and move forward. It also increases your chances of hitting their checkers later.

  1. Bear Off Wisely

When bearing off your checkers, prioritize removing checkers from the higher points (6-point to 1-point). This not only reduces the risk of getting hit but also gets you closer to winning. Also, avoid stacking too many checkers on lower points, as this can slow down your bear-off progress.

  1. Use the Doubling Cube Wisely

The doubling cube adds a strategic layer to the game. Know when to offer it, accept it, or decline it strategically. Offer the cube when you have a clear advantage in the game. This puts pressure on your opponent to accept and potentially concede more points. You should only accept the cube when you believe you have a reasonable chance of winning the game or have a significant positional advantage. Always decline the cube if you’re at a disadvantage or believe that the current game state doesn’t warrant the risk.

  1. Control the Bar Point

The bar point (the 7-point) is crucial for controlling the board. Try to establish this point early in the game. Having two or more of your checkers on the bar point can be a strong defensive position, making it challenging for your opponent to re-enter their checkers.

  1. Adapt to Your Opponent’s Strategy

Pay attention to your opponent’s moves and adapt your strategy accordingly. If they play aggressively, focus on defense. If they play defensively, seize the opportunity to advance your position.

  1. Study Common Opening Moves

Learning common opening moves in backgammon can give you an advantage from the start. Practice and master popular setups, such as the “split and slot” or “backgame,” to gain control of the board early and set the stage for a winning mid-game.

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Live Backgammon Rules at Online Casinos

  • Objective: The primary aim in live backgammon is to be the first player to bear off all your checkers from the board.
  • Starting Position: When the game begins, each player is equipped with 15 checkers, neatly arranged as specified to establish a fair starting point.
  • Rolling the Dice: The game relies on the roll of two dice, which will dictate your moves during each turn.
  • Moving Checkers: The movement of your checkers corresponds to the numbers you roll on the dice. Each die represents an individual move, allowing you to strategically navigate your checkers across the board.
  • Hitting and Entering: A critical aspect of the game involves the art of hitting your opponent’s single checkers (known as blots) and re-entering your own checkers from the bar onto the board when the dice roll permits.
  • Bearing Off: The final phase of backgammon is all about “bearing off” your checkers. This means removing them from the board as they reach your home board and progressing toward victory.
  • Doubling Cube (Optional): For those seeking higher stakes and strategy, the doubling cube comes handy. At the start of your turn, you can propose to double the wager. Your opponent can then choose to accept or decline, influencing the potential outcome of the game.
  • Winning: Your ultimate objective is to be the first to bear off all your checkers, signaling your victory in the game.
  • Gammon and Backgammon: Bonus points can be earned through specific types of wins like gammon and backgammon. A “gammon” occurs when your opponent hasn’t borne off any checkers, and a “backgammon” is achieved when your opponent still has checkers on the bar or in your home board.

Live Backgammon App & Mobile Play

Many Casino Dubai platforms also offer live backgammon games that are fully compatible with mobile devices. Playing live backgammon on your mobile device is a convenient and accessible way to enjoy the game on the go.

To play live backgammon on your mobile, all you need to do is log in through the casino’s dedicated app or mobile website. If you’re an existing user, simply sign in to your account; if you’re new to the platform, you can create an account directly from your mobile device.

Live backgammon games on mobile are available in high-definition quality, ensuring an immersive gaming experience. The gameplay remains consistent, and you can expect the same level of quality as when playing on a desktop or laptop. Depending on the specific game and casino, you’ll typically have a floating video stream window that can be moved around for your convenience. This setup allows you to focus on the action while also keeping an eye on the betting grid, making it easier to place your bets.

Playing Live Backgammon on Mobile vs. Computer

When it comes to playing live backgammon, there are key differences between using a mobile phone and a computer.

Mobile Play

Playing on a mobile phone offers convenience and flexibility, allowing you to enjoy live backgammon on the go. You can use dedicated apps or mobile websites for easy access. The gameplay quality and experience are typically just as high as on a computer, with HD streaming and user-friendly interfaces. However, the smaller screen size may require adjustments in terms of visibility and touch controls. A stable internet connection is crucial to ensure uninterrupted gameplay.

Computer Play

Playing on a computer provides a larger screen, which can enhance visibility and ease of use. The keyboard and mouse or touchpad offer precise control for making moves and placing bets. With a computer, you might have a more immersive gaming experience due to the larger display, making it easier to follow the action. However, it may not be as portable and flexible as mobile play, tying you to a specific location.

In both cases, whether on a mobile phone or a computer, the core rules and gameplay of live backgammon remain the same. The choice between the two platforms ultimately depends on your preferences for mobility, screen size, and control options.

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Is Real Money Live Backgammon Legal?

In many countries, including Kuwait and the UAE, playing online backgammon at live casino is not considered illegal as long as you’re playing on an offshore site. This means you can enjoy the game for real money without any restrictions.

Do Online Live Backgammon Casinos Offer Any Bonuses to Players?

Yes, many online casinos that host live backgammon games offer various bonuses to attract and reward players. These bonuses can include welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, and cashback offers. Players should always review the terms and conditions of these bonuses before accepting them.

Can You Make Money Playing Live Backgammon?

Yes, it is possible to make money playing live backgammon. Players who understand the game’s strategies and probabilities can win consistently. However, like any form of gambling, there are risks involved, and not every player will achieve consistent success.

Do I Have to Bet Real Money When Playing Live Backgammon?

While many online casinos offer the option to play live backgammon for real money, they often also provide free play or demo modes. This allows players to practice and enjoy the game without risking their own funds.

Which Version of Backgammon Is Easiest to Learn?

The most common version of backgammon played worldwide is the standard backgammon game. It’s generally considered the easiest to learn, making it an excellent choice for beginners. Other variations, such as hypergammon and acey-deucey, may have additional rules and complexities.

What payment methods are available for players from Kuwait/UAE to deposit and withdraw funds?

Players from Kuwait and the UAE get a lot of options when it comes to depositing and withdrawing funds from online casinos. You can use many local methods including the likes of Visa, MasterCard, e-wallets, and even cryptocurrencies.

Are there any specific bonuses or promotions tailored for Kuwaiti/UAE players?

Some online casinos may offer bonuses or promotions specifically designed for players from Kuwait and the UAE. These offers can include localized promotions, special events, or exclusive bonuses. Players should check the promotion page or inquire with the casino’s customer support to explore available options.

How can players ensure a safe and secure gaming experience when playing live backgammon online from Kuwait/UAE?

To ensure safe and secure gaming experience, you should verify the legitimacy and licensing of the online casino and keep personal and financial information confidential.